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Bill Peake for Mayor of Pacific Grove

Serving The Community

Pacific Grove is a beautiful place to live with many volunteer opportunities.  I’ve been volunteering and serving our community since retiring several years ago and am grateful because I’ve met  many wonderful people.  

It has been a privilege and honor to have served on City Council the past four years.  With your help, I‘d like to continue serving, making a difference in our community as your Mayor. 

Various community opportunities I’ve had the pleasure of serving:  

  • Council Member since 2014
  • Liaison Beautification & Natural Resource Commission / Historic Resources Committee
  • Served on Regional Boards since 2015 (Monterey Peninsula Regional Water Authority, Monterey One Water, Monterey-Salinas Transit, AMP)
  • Authored CalPERS Report 2016, workplace safety policy, construction noise ordinance 

  • Recreational Board Chair - Children’s Pool Fundraising, Pt. Pinos Coastal Trail
  • Heritage Society Board
  • Lighthouse volunteer since 2011

  •  30-year Pacific Grove Homeowner (full-time 2010)
  • Married with two adult sons
  • International engineering career
  • PhD Mechanical Engineering, Univ., California, Berkeley 


I would like to ensure Pacific Grove stays a wonderful place to live and work.  We are doing well but can improve City government by: listening to all community voices and being more transparent in our actions. With your vote I’ll support our hometown values by placing a premium on: great civic engagement, protecting the environment, preserving our small town character and caring about each other.  I’ll have open office hours at City Hall.  


Pacific Grove is a wonderful and special place.  Small coastal towns such as ours will always be facing challenges, particularly financial and environmental. 

I believe we can meet these challenges by looking for creative solutions that retain PG’s character and yet stay a vibrant and attractive hometown.  


  • I’ll continue to support the city’s strong public safety record and fire / EMS services.  
  • I’ll ensure financial stability; including support for a vibrant local economy made up of small businesses.  
  • I’ll be a strong advocate for the protection of the environment, coastline, wildlife, and bay.  
  • I’ll work to add rental housing so locals can live and work in Pacific Grove.  
  • I’ll better manage change by listening to residents and business owners - with more transparency.  



Support a Vibrant Local Economy

As additional water supplies become available consider all potential residential and commercial needs including visitor-serving businesses.

We should support special events that enrich our community. Priority should be given to traditional events and fundraisers for local nonprofit groups. 

We should continue membership in the Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau which provides much needed marketing for the town.

Enhance Downtown

We should review the City’s business permits and fees to consider ways to reduce staff time and cost.

Assist local businesses and the Chamber of Commerce in promoting sidewalk dining and evening entertainment, for example, outdoor music events. 

The development of mixed-use properties should be encouraged to attract more people to downtown businesses.

Complete the Downtown Commercial Design Guidelines and update the Downtown Parking Plan to guide the Architectural Review Board and reduce uncertainty for commercial property developers.

Environment - Protect Coast, Wildlife & Bay

Collaborate with PG Museum of Natural History, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey Audubon Society and MBNM Sanctuary/Bay Net to manage our coast from Asilomar Beach to Monterey Bay Aquarium. 

Support proactive coastal stewardship of our rocky shores, wildlife habitats, and water quality. Help people enjoy the coast without harming it. Prepare for climate change impacts.

Environment - Protect our Parks & Urban Forest

Support proactive upkeep of our parks, urban forest, and Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, including replanting trees. Support recreational opportunities involving outdoor youth activities in our parks.

Use only environmentally friendly methods for weed and pest management. Apply integrated pest management principles.

Environment - Sustainability

Reduce or eliminate consumption of single-use plastics by using sustainable materials. Reduce use of any plastic materials where possible.

Support Everyone’s Harvest PG Certified Farmers’ Market which provides access to healthy, affordable fruits and vegetables through certified farmers’ markets and community food programs. 

Expand our Local Water Project to provide more recycled water for irrigation.

Replace city owned vehicles as needed with hybrid or electrics to reduce carbon emissions. 

Financial Stability - Control Pension (CalPERS) Costs

Control pension liability growth. Limit full-time staffing increases by using contractors and part-time staff when it makes sense. Hire new employees under state pension reform rules.

Control the growth of pension liability through cooperative negotiations with employee groups. Support significant staff contributions to employer pension payments.

We should participate in any League of California Cities initiatives to reform CalPERS including actions intended to modify the ‘California Rule’.

Financial Stability - Fiscal Responsibility 

Approve budgets that demonstrate fiscal responsibility. Discuss departmental budget expenditures to control spending. I support a November ballot measure to increase transient occupancy (hotel) tax.

The city should use available funds for infrastructure maintenance: roads, sidewalks, storm drains and sewers. As funds become available safety improvement for Pine Avenue should be a priority.

Financial Stability - Maintain Healthy Reserves

Maintain reserves at 35% of the annual operating budget as per policy. We should use reserves only in emergencies and replenish them as soon as possible.

Financial Stability - Community Partnerships

Commend and support local non-profits that work in partnership with the city to operate and renew the library (Friends & Foundation), museum (Foundation) and lighthouse (Heritage Society).

Government Reform - Better Change Management 

Manage change to preserve Pacific Grove’s hometown character. Change is inevitable, and we need to manage it in the best way possible. 

Support a culture of listening to residents and business owners to understand their perspectives. 

Make the City’s website more user friendly with navigation that is as intuitive as possible. Evaluate public record requests to identify need for increased transparency. Post contracts on the internet. 

Housing - Short Term Rentals

Limit short term rentals in residential zones. I support a November ballot measure to limit short term rentals in neighborhoods.

Housing - Mixed-Use Development

Encourage mixed-use residential in commercial zones by reducing parking requirements and providing zoning variances.

Housing - Water for Affordable Housing 

As additional water supplies become available consider all potential residential and commercial needs including prioritizing affordable housing. Waive or reduce water fees for affordable housing.

Housing - Inclusionary Housing Ordinance

Implement an inclusionary housing ordinance to mandate affordable housing units in new developments. Include reduced parking and fees, and zoning variances to mitigate cost of affordable housing.

Housing - Housing Trust Fund

Create a housing trust fund to receive funding from taxes, fees, and donations to support affordable housing. Establish a revenue stream from new transient occupancy tax sources.

Housing - City-Non-Profit Developer Partnerships

Partner with non-profit affordable housing developers to create new affordable housing on city-owned property such as the parking lot behind Lighthouse Cinemas. 


Support community policing to create a partnership between the department and community members. Officers will continue to engage and understand the public, as opposed to simply handling incidents.

The city is pursuing a new accreditation program (CALEA) to improve standards, strengthen crime-prevention and reward professional excellence. We should continue to support this program.

Fire & Emergency Services

The City should continue to provide excellent fire and emergency services through contracting with local fire departments. 

We should continue to staff our fire department with knowledgeable and motivated personnel to provide the community the best protection possible.

How you can help

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